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Song Samples from Cadillac Moon's "In The Kitchen"

1.  Peace Of Mind
2.  Long Island Iced Tea
3.  Show Me Your Tatoo
4.  What's Right With This Picture?
5.  Tequila Sheila
6.  In The Kitchen With Rose
7.  Keep In Mind
8.  Every Dog Has His Day
9.  You'll Never Make Love In This Town
10.  You Aint Man Enough

Song Samples from Cadillac Moon's "Under The Influence"

1.  Bye Bye Baby
2.  Drivin' Under The Influence
3.  You've Gotten Over Me
4.  The Wind
5.  Overwhelmed
6.  Witness
7.  If Not For Me
8.  What's Right With This Picture?
9.  This Aint No House
10.  Picture window
11.  That Aint No Way
12.  Cleanin' Windows
13.  Hatred In The Holy Land
14.  On My Way

Song Samples from Cadillac Moon's "Blue Moon Rhythm"

1.  Three Strikes
2.  I Feel Good
3.  Don't Make Me Wonder
4.  Gotta Beat The Blues
5.  Writing On The Wall
6.  Back To The Neighborhood
7.  Mardi Gras In New York
8.  You Can Get The Blues
9.  21st Century Blues
10.  Till You Come Back To Me
11.  Why Me
12.  Hurricane

Song Samples from The Walker's "Best Foot Forward"

1.  Dirty Water
2.  Change My Plans
3.  Leave The Lights On
4.  Cryin In My Soul
5.  Brown Eyed Handsome Man
6.  Hot Like Fire
7.  Ever And Ever
8.  Easy for You To Say
9.  Big Love
10.  Comin Down Hard
11.  The Devil Made Me Do It
12.  Little Head
13.  Memphis In The Meantime
14.  Walking On Stones

News 12 Long Island Jingle

1.  News 12 Long Island Jingle

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